Live Search
4 months ago
You can now set custom targets for individual skills or select from a list of preset targets such as 'Max Cape' or '90s Cape' in the targets panel on the player stats page.
Time Frame
5 months ago
The new time frame panel on the player stats page allows you to view your progress between two points in time, by selecting dates or a relative time frame. The layout of the tracking panel has been changed to work with a wider range of screen resolutions.
Name Styling, Start Tracking Screen
5 months ago
Names now look exactly as they do in game. E.g. 'Crystalfarm' is now 'CrystalFarm', 'Itrolledu' is now 'iTrolledU'. The loading screen when a player is tracked for the first time now displays a progress message and the infinite loading bug has been fixed.
Name Change System, Players Online Full Graph
6 months ago
There is now a name change system. Also, you can now view the full graph of players online going back to January 2014.
Achievements, Gains, XP Distribution
8 months ago
There are three new boxes on the player stats page. The Achievements box shows the 99s, 120s, 200Ms the player has, Gains shows xp gained in each skill and the player's personal record for 24h/7d/30d time intervals, and XP Distribution is a pie chart of the XP earned in the last 24h/7d/30d.
Alog, Bug Fixes, Faster Loading
8 months ago
I added an improved version of the alog box from to player stats pages. The skills menu on the top gains page now has similar proportions to the skills box in-game. All code has been minified and consolidated into fewer files, images compressed, expires headers added, and gzip compression enabled to make pages load faster. Bugs related to the hp icon and links from top gains to players with two or more spaces in their names are now fixed.
8 months ago
This is a very early version of a runescape stat tracking website I'm making. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, contact me. More features will be added gradually.